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Private Jet Charter


     Charter your next trip with Lady Jet, and see why the most simple or most challenged trips are booked seamlessly.  Lady Jet selects sophisticated aircraft that provide minimal travel time and optimal performance to ensure direct access to over 5,000 airports in both the U.S. and worldwide.

Lady Jet defines Safety, Premium Aircraft, Superior Pricing, and flies above and beyond standard client service, by offering a customized and personable approach for your private aviation requirements.

Save Time and Increase Productivity, Lady Jet assumes the complex task to select qualified FAA Part 135 Operators who offer premium aircraft, superior pricing, and uncompromising service for each trip.  Lady Jet's, preferred network of worldwide operators reach every corner of the globe.

     At Lady Jet, it is understood that private aviation provides the commodity of time. Whether your trip itinerary is multiple cities throughout the states, NY to London, or Dubai to Paris, Lady Jet is poised to accommodate any jet charter request, ranging from lights to heavy jets, helicopters, BBJ's, or VIP luxury airliners.
Citation Sovereign, Fly Across Oceans or Entire Continents
     In today's aviation market, there is an abundance of private aviation companies offering private jet charter services, allow Lady Jet to quote your next trip.

     Lady Jet has redefined the private jet charter experience, by upholding a commitment to safety, unparalleled trusted client relationships, matched with premium quality aircraft and superior pricing.
Gulfstream, G550 Large Cabin-Ultra Long Range
Combine Fractional Jet Ownership with Charter

     Set your agenda for growth, but rationalize expenses, charter flights are 30% less than the total cost of a fractional ownership flight.  Jet charter is optimum for fractional jet ownership shares or jet card programs, and is an effective model that will add superior value and enhance your private aviation options.

       On demand jet charter offers additional aircraft choice and flexibility, no asset risk, no capital commitment, no monthly management fees, no contract, and no interchange ratio fees.  Free up your capital and gain access to worldwide top tier aircraft. 
Citation Sovereign, Super Midsize Jet
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